Editing Umbraco

The POST , PUT, PATCH and DELETE verbs allow you to do Create Update and Delete operations using IContent via the Content Service when logged in as an Umbraco Back-Office User.

The API exposes Actions based on the permissions of the logged-in Umbraco User.

The actions Create, Update and Delete are exposed as a collection of actions based on the User's admin rights and the DocumentTypes that are allowed under the current node. With the Umbraco Hypermedia API, you are able to create complex Single Page Applications without writing a single line of server-side code. It turns any Umbraco v7+ website into a REST based data repository with a very capable, query-able Hypermedia API!

We are working on a build where you will be able to map Umbraco Member roles to Umbraco Users as well as mapping anonymous visitors to be mapped to an anonymous Umbraco User to facilitate creation of nodes for use cases like ContactUs, Comment etc where we would like to enable visitors that are not logged in to be able to use the POST and PATCH verbs in a controlled manner.

uHateoas Playground

This is the uHateoas Playground. It is an URL Hypermedia Query Builder that allows you to experiment and discover the data in our demo site, and we have made it available for you to use to build up queries on your site too, if you install the Package. The playground is available on every page of your website by simply adding "/ueditor" to the end of your website url.