General Usage

As mentioned if you specify a Content-Type such as text/umbraco+json or text/json or text/xml, then all you need is to supply the starting point in your web-site, i.e. the starting URL. If you want access to all the content, start at the root of your web-site, if not, specify a more specific URL. Unlike most API's, you don't need to know or be told to use a specific API endpoint, you simply use the one you already know from surfing your web-site!

text/html ( no surprises here !)

(no header specified, defaults to Content-Type : text/html) this is your typical website url, and as you would expect it simply outputs your webpage as html


(Content-Type : text/umbraco+json) the current resource is output as an umbraco+json hypermedia formatted document. 


(Content-Type : text/json) the current resource is output as an json formatted document.


(Content-Type : text/xml) the current resource is output as an xml formatted document.

uHateoas Playground

This is the uHateoas Playground. It is an URL Hypermedia Query Builder that allows you to experiment and discover the data in our demo site, and we have made it available for you to use to build up queries on your site too, if you install the Package. The playground is available on every page of your website by simply adding "/ueditor" to the end of your website url.

Querying Umbraco

This is where the API really shines. It can be used to query, segment, filter and page your content in a SQL/LINQ like way using simple n...

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